On-Leash Program

Take your dogs training to the next level with out On-Leash training program

Take your dog’s training to the next level with our advanced training programs. The on-leash training program consists of 10-15 in-home training sessions and public visits personalized for you and your pup.

Commands: Come, sit, down, Heel, Place, off, break, door manners, and car manners.

Includes E-Collar

Kennel training tips, potty training tips, etc. $2,000

Our on-leash program is an advanced training program where you and your pup learn to communicate and have fun while building a stronger bond.
The On-leash training is a personalized program created for the people that have a dog that is usually on a leash, maybe lives in an apartment, or neighborhood, and want to be able to control their dog on leash.
This program is one step down from our off-leash program. This program is perfect for smaller dogs, older dogs, or even chill dogs that just need a little work.
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